About Bury Sport and Physical Activity Service

Bury Sport and Physical Activity Service (formerly Bury Sports Development) is rated as one of the best in England by the country-wide quality scheme for sport and leisure, 'Quest'. Quest is the national standard in continuous improvement for sport and leisure service providers and the team first achieved the award in 2004. Reassessment takes place every two years.

Bury Sport and Physical Activity Service can give you advice on:

where you can take part in a particular activity; 

local sports clubs and community groups; 

how to start your own sports club; 

funding opportunities; and 

development opportunities such as coaching and volunteering.

The team are working towards the Physical Activity and Sport Strategy for Bury 2015:2020 which aims to make Bury the most active borough in Greater Manchester by 2020

Vision for Sport and Physical Activity:

* Everybody more active

* Improved health and wellbeing

* Added value (health & social care, local economy, social capital, environment